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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
HEBNA specializes in high density polyethylene [HDPE] pipeline liner installation and related services. The installation of high density polyethylene [HDPE] liner pipe via trenchless technology is the time tested best solution for the prevention of pipeline corrosion. Experienced corrosion engineers say, "inserting an HDPE liner is the best way to guarantee a zero leak solution". To this end, It is no surprise that facilities engineers are increasingly opting for dual containment systems, especially when pipelines are in proximity to environmentally sensitive waterways.

Pipeline owners and operators count on HEBNA to provide the highest quality liner [PE100+ or at least 4710 as opposed to 3408 | 3608]and installation services. HEBNA understands that quality and timing are critical to the success of every job. HEBNA equipment is substantially newer and more robust than its competitors. This allows HEBNA to focus on installing liners and not repairing out-dated equipment. When your installation demands specific timing, you can count on HEBNA to follow through. It is a wise saying, "the past is the best predictor of the future". If you agree, ask yourself; Has your liner company disappointed you in the past by failing to arrive on schedule? Does your liner company bait you with one price and then find a way to change the price mid-project? At HEBNA, we are proud of our record of making and keeping our commitments. It is our experience and integrity that allow us to consistently outperform the competition.

HEBNA has a perfect safety record with zero workplace injuries to-date. HEBNA's safety program and credentials can be monitored in real-time via ISNETworld.

HEBNA customers include Kinder Morgan, Chevron, OXY Petroleum, HESS Corporation, ENCANA, Woodward Iodine, and others. References from these companies are available from HEBNA upon request.
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